Dan McGinn

I have been with Good News for 10 years.  This group has been a good fit for me.  In addition to having a group of people that have been in a similar boat,  the Speakers have been helpful.  I particularly enjoy the after meeting fellowship where we routinely go to a local establishment.  It's nice to be able to have a group of people where you would know someone at another outside event.   There has been "The Picnic", dances, card playing, concerts, biking, camping, restaurants and other "get-togethers".  It's a great way to find out what else is going on in the area.  And, there's a LOT!    

Denise G Brown

I came to Good News Community in 2006 broken hearted from my long term marriage dissolvimg. I was alone and scared being left alone in the world. I was so scared when I went to my first session at Good News what I found was people who were in slimilar situations there was so much comfort for me. Many people my age where there after there  long term relationship had broken apart. I was so sad and broken but I felt some sort of peace at Good News Community. I looked forward to being with my new family on Monday nights. Hopefully we can continue to bring some peace to other's who come to Good News. 

John Soukup

Organization Position:School Psychologist

 I have been with Good News Community for 15 years.

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